Your Backyard Shed Can Be an Oasis

Everything old really is new again – including your old backyard shed. Forget fancy sunrooms or gazebos. Your shed can be all things to all people; you just have to decide what and to whom.

For example, your shed can serve as a miniature bar and lounge; add couches and a TV and it functions beautifully as a man cave or (especially popular now) a “she shed” for mom to entertain, relax or garden.

Older children can entertain friends, and the young ones can use it as a playhouse or fort.

Today’s shed isn’t just about leisure: it can become a home office, studio or workshop, so you can work at home but away from the house.

Decorate it beautifully, consider adding heat and AC, and voila: the perfect workplace.

If you don’t already have a shed, you can purchase prefabricated ones from many local hardware and gardening stores, or order online from businesses specializing in them. Be sure to check local zoning bylaws to see if they’re allowed and where they can be located.

Don’t think you can build it, and they will come: if you’re transforming your shed into something the whole family can enjoy, make sure they will – don’t skimp on finishes, and be sure to have a maintenance plan.

Oh, and your shed can also be a shed. If you’ve decided you should use your garage as a garage – for your car – you will likely have to move its contents to the shed.

It’s crucial to buy sturdy shelving designed around your needs. They should be wide, deep and accessible, but don’t forget to add some higher shelves to store collapsible patio furniture.

Even if your shed is just a shed, it still should look nice: ensure it’s solid and tidy inside and out, and surround it with attractive plantings. Now it’s not a shed; it’s an oasis.