Your Life While Selling: Painful But so Worth it

Living in your home while it’s up for sale isn’t easy. It has to be ready at all times for potential buyers. But as difficult as it is to live in a “show” home, if it sells quickly at a good price, the pain will be worth it. Here are some things you must do to prepare.

Clean, cleaner, cleanest

Now, more than ever, your home needs to be squeaky clean. Strangers will notice the slightest smudge, and that’s going to affect their overall perception of your home. Don’t cut corners. Be prepared to do a thorough scrubbing once a week or, if you can afford it, pay for a service.

Start organizing now

Don’t wait until the week before your move to start organizing your things. Do an assessment of everything you own, from clothes and furniture, to books and decor items. Then start tossing and donating. Not only will this save you time later, but it will also help buyers see your home at its best.

Protect your privacy

People will open your drawers and peer in your cupboards when they come to see your home. Avoid potential embarrassment and theft by locking up valuables and other things you’d rather potential buyers not see (or take), including prescription medications, jewellery, electronics, and money.

Find a temporary home for pets

Pet hair, paw prints, food dishes, and litter box smells will not help sell your home. During your open house, ensure there are no signs of your furry friends or their stuff.