How Your Bedroom Can Help Sell Your Home

A great master bedroom will help sell your home. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money, time and effort trying to impress buyers. Following are 11 easy ways to spruce up your master for little money:

  • De-clutter and de-personalize. Buyers want to see themselves in the master bedroom. Don’t surround them with the trappings of your life.
  • Clean, clean and clean some more.
  • Make necessary repairs.
  • Paint. You don’t have to go for beige (or gray, which is the new beige), but emphasize the room’s spaciousness with lighter colours. Don’t forget the ceiling.
  • Move some of the furniture out to add to an airy, uncluttered feel.
  • Heavy drapes might be nice at night, but during the day they can feel confining. Take them down and buy inexpensive sheers. Add blinds for light control.
  • Speaking of light, add more task and ambient lighting, and leave lights on to minimize shadows and illuminate dark corners.
  • Buy a new duvet cover.
  • Hang inexpensive artwork or a mirror and lose the family photos.
  • Don’t cover hardwood floors with carpeting or put furniture in front of a window with a view.
  • Clean out the closets so buyers can see the space and decide if their clothes will fit.