How to Give Your Home a Light and Airy Feel

The properties of natural light are well-known. It expands your space, brightens dark corners and gives your home an airy feel. If you’re selling your home – or even if you’re not – try adopting some designer tricks to increase your home’s natural wattage.

Paint is one of the least expensive and most effective ways of lightening up your home. Light colours reflect light and bounce it back, making a space look larger. And yes, painting your woodwork cream or white is allowed and does increase your light quotient.

Mirrors also bounce back natural light, but they should be used sparingly. Bring in the outdoors by hanging a mirror opposite a window.

Light-coloured gauzy curtains or plantation shutters also contribute to that airy look. Louvered blinds can be tipped to take advantage of the sunlight as it makes its way around the room. And don’t forget that slipcovering your furniture in lighter-coloured fabrics is another easy way to lighten up.

If you’re prepared to make structural changes, adding a skylight to a dark room is effective, but trimming back outdoor trees and shrubs that are filtering the light may do the trick for less money.

For open houses, turn on indoor and outdoor lights. Even during the day, inside lighting can make your dwelling feel homey, prevent harsh shadows from sunlight and brighten dark corners. Dust and vacuum well, as illuminated dust bunnies won’t do anything for the appeal of your home.