How Porcelain Tile Can Raise the Value of Your Home

Installing quality tile flooring can increase the potential resale value of your home.

Porcelain tile is a great way to add thousands of dollars in value.

Porcelain is a high-quality building material and one of the most versatile and durable tiles on the market.

It makes a terrific selling point, even more so than regular ceramic tile, wood flooring or marble tile.

For a number of years, porcelain tile was mainly available for commercial-type installation.

Today, though, it is fast becoming a popular residential flooring material.

New glazing technology has opened up porcelain to a wider range of applications, including mimicking and replacing costlier and less durable materials such as wood and marble.

With the recent developments in digital printing on porcelain as well, the faux wood and marble look like the real thing without the big price tag.

Porcelain is a highly dense, practically scratch-resistant material. It is even harder than granite tile. And because it outperforms many flooring materials, it will hold up to the test of time. Porcelain absorbs very little moisture, is easy to clean and isn’t prone to staining.

Easy installation and a less expensive price tag than the alternatives make it very appealing to homeowners or those who are looking to buy.