Three Tips to Help You Sell Your Home…Fast

Whether you are relocating, purchasing a new property or simply needing to move ahead, it’s sometimes necessary to sell a home fast.

Unfortunately, that is sometimes easier said than done, especially during a buyer’s market.

There are however several steps that you can take to help move your property quickly.

Work with an Experienced Agent: A surprising number of people try to sell a home on their own. Most turn to a professional agent after a few months, but the damage is already done. When time matters, go with a pro right from the start. Remember, the agent is acting like a publicity manager for the property.

Tackle Those Tough Jobs: Clear out the clutter and yard debris and then ask your agent for an honest appraisal of the property. Be sure to complete the “honey do” list to avoid competing against foreclosures and other homes with deferred maintenance. Not only will the home show better, but photographs, virtual tours and open house events will generate more interest when the home looks its best.

Invest in an Inspection: For approximately $400, an inspection might be one of the best investments you make. It demonstrates the condition of the home to prospective buyers and helps ease their minds. If you have access to a recent survey and appraisal, be sure to include those in the information package given to prospective buyers.