Why Hiring a Home Stager Is More Important Than Ever

Deciding whether to hire a home stager isn’t an easy decision. In tough economic times there’s a tendency for homeowners to cut back on any added fees. However, that could be a big mistake. Research indicates that the need for a home stager is even more important during a buyer’s market as competition is tougher. The following quiz can help you determine if you’d benefit from hiring a home stager:

1.  Does the Sales Price of the Home Place It Into the Luxury or Jumbo Mortgage Range? If so, there’s a good chance you’d benefit from hiring a home stager. Not only is the competition among higher-priced homes even more dramatic than  it is in affordable areas, but potential buyers expect to be impressed.

2.  Does the Property Have Problem Areas? For example, older homes may have eight-foot flat ceilings, smaller bedrooms and other age-related amenities that have fallen out of favor. Hiring a professional problem-solver is a good investment to ensure that you obtain top dollar for your property without breaking the bank.

3.  Was the Property a Cookie-Cutter Model? This is a commonly encountered problem for condo owners and for those who own properties in modest single-family, tract-built neighbourhoods where there is limited variation to differentiate one property from another. The challenge is to stand out from the crowd in order to attract attention and seal the deal.

The bottom line here is that in a tough buyer’s market the benefits of hiring a home stager far outweigh the cost.