How to Help Your Agent Build a Winning Sales Strategy

Communicating with your real estate agent is the key to developing a winning strategy to show your property in the best possible light.

The following tips might help you avoid frustration and increase the odds of a successful showing:

Be Honest: The first step is to be completely honest with your agent. Make sure the agent knows about the benefits and pitfalls of the property in advance, including needed repairs and deferred maintenance.

Get Organized: The more information about the property you can provide, the better. Make a list of all past repairs, warranties that may still be in effect, improvements made to the property, and what is included or excluded in the sale. Copies of receipts, warranty documents and other paperwork give your agent a great headstart.

Set a Schedule: Let the agent know the appropriate times for showing the home, as well as any other instructions. Notify agents of special situations well in advance, especially concerning pets or other important matters.

Knowledge and Network: Your agent is an expert in the local real estate community, so use him or her to your advantage. Allow the agent to develop a marketing plan and use local resources that maximize the appeal of your property. Likewise, ask the agent’s opinion about service providers and other vendors who may assist in the process of selling or purchasing property.