How to Make Your Home First Choice for Buyers

Thinking about selling your home but worried about the competition?

Whether you live in a cookie-cutter neighbourhood where every home looks more or less the same or you simply need a few fresh ideas to help your home stand out from the rest for sale on the same street, use these simple tips to make it the best on the block.

Tackle Trouble Spots

Like every home, yours has a few trouble spots that you have probably learned to live with.
Unfortunately, time might make the heart grow fonder, but unfortunately it rarely helps sell a home.
Have an independent appraisal performed and pay special attention to needed repairs, deferred maintenance and any “ugly” areas.

Invest in fresh paint, plants and other quick fixes designed to enhance curb appeal.

Find a Focal Point

Make sure there is something memorable about your home from the moment prospective buyers see the front door until they leave.

Avoid candles, fresh flowers or other potential allergy or chemical sensitivity triggers and opt for neutral yet elegant d├ęcor or decorations instead.

Every room should capture attention while inviting visitors to explore.

Make It Theirs

Remember, attract – don’t detract. Clear clutter and make sure each room is open enough that buyers are able to envision their belongings in the room – not yours.

Neutral colours, natural lighting and a casual ambiance combined with simple yet inspiring plants, paintings or other props help create a “special spot” they will want to call home.

Price It Right

Buyers will often look at your house only if the price is right. It’s easy for them to compare the price of your house with the prices of others on the street, so it’s essential to make sure yours is priced competitively.