Should You Sell Your Home Yourself?

Every seller has had the thought: “I could keep so much money in my pocket if I didn’t have a real estate agent. Maybe I should do it myself!”

It’s an attractive thought. Selling your home yourself means no commission fee for an agent. You keep the profits. But what are you risking?

Buyers can take advantage of you: Using their experience and strategic tactics, buyers’ real estate agents will be able to dance circles around you. They’ll figure out your lowest possible price, and they’ll figure out a way to get you there.

You may not make more money: If you use the services of a company that assists private sellers, you’ll have to pay the fee upfront, before your house sells. Plus, prospective buyers know that a private seller is boosting profit by avoiding paying an agent’s commission. They’ll be keen to see some of that savings passed on to them.

Your lack of expertise can hurt you: Unless you have significant real estate training or industry experience, your knowledge of the detailed rules and processes of real estate is likely minimal. You could find yourself in hot water for skirting laws or not disclosing information.

You miss out on valuable expertise: A real estate agent has years of experience buying and selling many homes. He or she will use this experience to sell your home for a higher price, more quickly, and with a much smaller chance of stressful problems. Having an expert by your side has real value.