Manage Fall’s Clutter and Mess with a Mudroom

September means transitions. School begins and seasons change. There are more backpacks – and dirt – in your home. So why not consider creating a mudroom to ease the transition from outside to in?

Mudrooms should be located where they will be used. Usually that means at the front or back of your home, near entrances. They offer a dedicated space to store items like shoes, boots and coats so the rest of the home stays clean. And they’re not exclusive to big properties. Small city homes – even condos – can include mudrooms.

To design your own mudroom, first look at the space available in your home. Just adding storage for shoes and coats can transform a back porch into a mudroom, but even a hallway near a door can hold a bench with storage space underneath.

A ground floor laundry room also may work for you; dirty clothes can be tossed directly into the washer. You might even consider a dog station to wipe muddy paws before they track up your floors. Use durable surfaces and consider indoor/outdoor carpeting for easy cleanup.

Mudrooms can be fun as well as practical. Have good lighting. Use different-coloured personalized storage for each family member. Let the kids choose their own storage containers – they’ll buy into the concept if they have a stake in it.

Also remember your mudroom is for everyone. Even guests. Provide a basket of slippers, a welcome place to sit and somewhere to put bags. They’ll love you for it.