A Luxury Trend Millennial Urbanites May Buy Into

Ready-to-go-homes have been around for years. The luxury market has always embraced buying properties already fitted out with designer furnishings. And why not? The home is immediately liveable, has been expertly decorated, and best of all, there are no design decisions to make. Just move in.

But, as media reports suggest, these “extras” can add upwards of $250,000 to the price. One British Columbia property development company, for example, is successfully selling luxury homes fully furnished down to their well-stocked wine fridges, often to buyers from abroad.

But what about the rest of us? Could a version of this be coming soon to a city near you? Yes and no. Increasingly, the trend to turnkey housing has “legs” beyond the luxury market. But only with certain types of buyers.

Take, for example, the demanding millennial buyers in urban centers, many of whom may not have the necessary on-trend furniture for their new home, and who are comfortable buying a “package.” Or downsizers buying maintenance-free condo living, who may be ready to further embrace their lifestyle changes with trendy furniture and decor.

Buying the lifestyle

In fact, the signs are already there in home-staging. Often buyers purchasing a well-staged property request fixtures, appliances, and even furniture and art be included as part of the sale. And they’re prepared to pay for it. Still, the lifestyle’s not for everyone; many of us are not prepared to shed our comfortable furnishings that come with memories attached. For these individuals, memories will trump trendy every time.