Home Sweet Home Meets 21st Century Design Trends

According to a recent Houzz survey, in which 1,700 people shared their home decorating dreams, desires, and intentions, home decorating decisions are now driven by age and gender. Here are a couple of salient survey results:

  • Seventeen percent of respondents under 35 expressed a preference for wallpaper, compared to only 3 percent of people over 65.
  • A quarter of the men surveyed said that trends influence their decorating decisions; and, maybe surprisingly, only 14 percent of women admit to being “trendistas.”

But there’s a disconnect here: Houzz editorial staff writer Mitchell Parker suggests that men aren’t trend followers because they want to be fashionable; more likely, they’re thinking about their home’s future resale value.

Of survey respondents who plan on hiring an interior designer or home decorator, roughly 12 percent said they would use online e design services rather than consult a professional directly.

The Houzz survey also revealed a clear trend toward loungier bedrooms, with 60 percent of respondents indicating that they plan to add seating in their “master suite,” 52 percent are looking to add a TV, and 8 percent are considering adding luxuries such as a fireplace or even a mini fridge.

In fact, TVs have become necessities just about everywhere; many people consider them essential in guest rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and even in formal dining rooms too. The exception is younger homeowners, who are ditching the traditional TV to watch programs on their devices.