Perfectly Beautiful: The Words that Attract buyers

Across Canada, people want to purchase “beautiful” homes. A recent article in National Post listed by province the descriptors used in real estate advertising, as compiled by listings site Point2Homes. According to the Post, Point2Homes scanned 40,000 Canadian and 300,000 US listings to pull out the words that most attracted buyers..

“Beautiful” was either first or second of five top home listing words in every province except Manitoba, and the phrase, “hardwood floors” was the most commonly used term.

That people want a “beautiful” home isn’t surprising; but what is interesting is that these descriptors vary from province to province. Ontario buyers, for example, will visit an open house if the property is described as “beautiful”, with “electric light fixtures,” located on a “private” lot, “near schools” with a “washer dryer.” And who would blame them: it sounds great.

Provincial needs and wants

Manitoba buyers, on the other hand, have differing priorities. They look for “spacious” and “huge” properties with “wood-burning fireplaces” that are “close to schools” and “perfect.”

B.C. and Alberta home seekers want “vaulted ceilings” and Saskatchewan buyers put “close to schools” at the top of their list of needs. Quebecers and people from New Brunswick raise the pricing issue: “Priced to sell” is listed fifth and fourth respectively. Buyers in PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador have something in common with our neighbours to the south. Like US buyers, they very much want to buy their “dream house.”

That’s interesting in itself. Because who doesn’t?