Make Sure Your Potential Clients Know You’re “In It”

As the saying goes, “You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

This goes for real estate sales as well as for lotteries, and if you don’t effectively reach out to potential clients who may soon need your services, you’re not going to “win it.”

Given the information overload that most of us are beset with these days, the chance that someone will remember your name – or any other real estate agent’s name, for that matter – when they decide to buy or sell is debatable. You need to get in front of, and stay in front of, your best prospects.

Presenting yourself as an expert and providing something of value to a prospect is vital. Seeing your face on a postcard is a reminder, but engaging potential clients is more effective:

On the sellers’ side, provide clients with information such as ways of staging a home to make it appealing to potential buyers, or hold a renovation seminar with a team of design and DIY professionals to answer questions.

On the buyers’ side – especially when you’re dealing with first-timers – let them know you can negotiate seller credits and explain that this means they won’t need as much money as they expected to come to the closing table.

Don’t overdo it, but you do need to reach out to potential clients on a regular basis.

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, through an informative newsletter or a reminder phone call, you just want to show them you’re really “in it.”