Useful Tips to Keep Your Child’s Room Tidy

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to keeping a child’s room clean and organized is lack of storage space. It’s particularly important to keep these rooms looking tidy when you put your home on the market. Here are some tips to make the best use of space.

Beds: Consider buying a platform bed with built-in drawers to store toys or bulky clothing, or raise your child’s existing bed frame and use under-the-bed storage boxes to hold out-of-season clothes or books. Loft beds are a wonderful way to free up floor space, and many come with built-in desks and shelves for homework and books. If you have two children sharing a room, a bunk bed can also be used to free up floor space.

Double-duty Furniture: Using furniture that serves more than one purpose increases storage and frees up space in the bedroom. Benches with hinged tops can be used for storing stuffed animals, toys, or extra linens. Chests and ottomans that can be opened to store items can also be used as chairs or tables in a child’s room.

Walls: Taller shelving units will take up less floor space, while providing space for books or storage containers. Make certain to secure shelf units to the wall to prevent children from tipping them over. A nice place to store fragile or decorative items is up near your child’s ceiling. Line the top of your child’s bedroom walls with shelves, and place items up high that you would rather your child not have access to. Pegs are another fantastic way to use wall space, and young children will enjoy hanging up hats, jackets, and other items on the pegs.

Closets: Closet organizers should reach all the way from floor to ceiling to maximize storage possibilities. Place out-of-season clothes or other rarely used items on higher shelves, and keep frequently used items within your child’s reach.

Doors: Do not overlook the available space on the back of your child’s bedroom or closet door. Shoe organizers with clear plastic pockets make wonderful storage containers for small stuffed animals and cars, art supplies, and dolls.