How to use real estate newsletters to win more clients, plus other free info.

I got a $465,000 listing

I know I have made impressions on the community when one FSBO listed with me due to seeing my newsletter and me walking them. It was a $465,000 listing. - David Kaseman, Lincoln, NE.

$10,000-$15,000 more income

Now I have a great tool that has allowed me to provide better service and has probably allowed me to retain 2-4 more buyers or sellers after they find me on the internet. That is probably close to $10,000-$15,000 more when I didn’t have these great, versatile newsletters. - Randy Elgin, San Antonio, TX

I will make up to $28,000

With the listings that I have gotten as a direct result of the newsletter and closed in the past 9 months I have earned $19,950 in commissions and I have listings that I will make at least $14,000 on if the buyer has an agent, if they don’t I will make up to $28,000 on these listings. - Brad Lineberry

We closed 3 deals earning us over $15,000

Thanks to the newsletter we have closed 3 deals earning us over $15,000.00, and we currently have 4 listings on the street. When they sell, they’ll earn us a total of another $17,000.00 in commissions. - Brad and Susan Willson, Sun City West, AZ

Passionate about helping you prosper

If you send out a newsletter on a regular, monthly basis, I promise you that you will be in the top 10 percent of all the Realtors in your industry, and it’s my passion to help as many real estate agents as I can reach that position.

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